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River Falls Goldendoodles Fall Safety Tips+

We hope everyone had a fun filled summer. We are looking forward to cooler temperatures here at River Falls. Below is some good information regarding Fall safety and our current available pups on the ground. Please reach out with any questions to Steve or Neelie @ or call us at 864-906-9633.

Referral Program - Refer a family to River Falls and receive $100 cash, no strings attached. Simply have the family reference you on their application.

These sweet pups are 11 weeks old and ready to come home today. With amazing temperaments and wonderful personalities, any of these pups will be a great addition to your family. We have 3 males and 1 female available. Left to right: Mr Brown, Ms. Green, Mr. Peach & Mr. Purple. Please complete an application or email us directly for more information at or call 864-201-9405, 864-906-9633.

Fall Safety Tips for Dogs

A simple guide for a safe, surprise-free autumn with your pal.

Prevent Back-to-School Hazards

If you have children, now's the time to talk with them about keeping daily items like pencils, markers, glue sticks, and erasers safely stored and out of your pet's reach when not in use. School supplies can cause gastrointestinal upset or dangerous blockages if your dog eats them.

Fact: Foreign material is the second-leading cause of vet claims for puppies.

Keep Pests Out

As the weather gets cooler, rats and mice may seek out warmth and dry areas in your home. Wild rodents can carry a host of diseases that are dangerous for people and pets, so prevent pests by sealing loose windows and door frames as well as blocking any other possible entries. Always read anti-rodent products carefully and choose one that is nontoxic to dogs. Traditional rodenticides are extremely harmful if your pet comes in contact.

Fact: Rodenticides are one of the most common causes of pet poisonings every year.

Watch Out for Seasonal & Airborne Illnesses

Just like humans, pets are at a risk of seasonal colds among other airborne illnesses. Canine flu and Bordatella (kennel cough) are two of the most prevalent in dogs, but they can affect other family pets (including cats) as well. Call your veterinarian if you notice coughing, wheezing, or fever in your pup, and keep them away from other pets as a precaution.

Bladder Health Tip: Everyone gone at school or work? Consider scheduling a dog walker.

Leave Halloween Horrors on TV

Planning on having a Halloween party or welcoming trick-or-treaters to your doorstep? All the sounds and excitement could end up being more than your dog can handle. Take your pup on a long walk first and give them a special chew toy as a distraction. Always make sure they have a safe, quiet room to retreat to if things get too overwhelming.

Don't Play Trick-or-Treat with Dog Diets

While we humans like to indulge in a variety of treats during fall holidays, it's best to keep your dog's diet unchanged. Not only is giving then too many snacks unhealthy, but doing so can also make pets sick. You'll also want to keep all human treats well out of reach this time of year. Chocolate and candy containing xylitol (a compound found in sugar-free items) are particularly toxic to dogs.

Take the Magic Out of Mushrooms

Though your pet may see them as tasty snacks, some mushroom varieties can lead to serious problems if ingested. They also tend to thrive outdoors in moist fall weather. While there are mushrooms that won't make your dog sick, a few are deadly and require emergency care to prevent toxicity. It's best to just keep your pet away from any mushrooms you see in the first place.

Make Your Own Leaf Piles

Dogs tend to love romping through fall leaves, but take caution and don't let your pup jump into just any pile of foliage. Not only can these piles be full of sticks and the occasional gardening tool, but snakes and other creatures could be hiding within. Avoid the risk by making your own leaf piles for your dog to ensure they're in the clear.

Fact: Ticks can hide in leaf piles, so check dogs for pests after outside playtime.

Protect Those Paws

The weather starts getting chillier and wetter this time of year in a lot of areas, which means your pup's paws need extra attention. Gently clean and dry your dog's paws off every time you return indoors to prevent cracking and injury.

Fact: Dog sweaters are cute but can cause a dog to overheat if left on too long.

Fact: Fall weather is unpredictable. Don't leave pets in cars or alone outdoors.

Dog Park Etiquette 101

🐶Study up on canine body language - know what both playful and aggressive behaviors look like.

🐶Leave toys at home that your pet is unwilling to share.

🐶Make sure your dog comes when called- don't let them give dogs entering the park an overwhelming welcome, and always respect pets who need their space.

🐶Know your dog's "type" and avoid dogs they feel uncomfortable around.

🐶Don't bring your dog to the park if they're sick, behind on vaccinations (including flea, tick and heartworm prevention!), younger than four months old, or have any behavioral issues.

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