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We have some Bernadorable puppies available!

We are very proud of our beautiful litter of Multigen Bernedoodles! Juno who came from our very first bernedoodle Cruize, had 9 beautiful pups in early December. We have 8 of her pups available.

Bernedoodles are very allergy friendly and posses a non shedding coat. They are great for families or new dog owners because they can be mellow and gentle. They are playful with children, and are not overly vocal. The bernedoodle pups inherit that sweet temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog but also obtain the loving and very intelligent personality from the Poodle

All of the pups in this litter love to play and are a bit curious. They love to be outside, but love a lap to snuggle in even more. They should all reach around 40lbs as adults.

We follow the same health standards with our Bernedoodles as we do with our Goldendoodles..

Email us for pricing and availability.



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